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 Where are you going to on your winter holiday? Of course, those who have holidays in winter do know the answer. Skiing holidays in the mountains have long become a favorite winter pastime for those who seek the blue sky, the bright sun, the perfect smoothness of  snow on the slopes, the challenge of speed on the mountain tracks in the daytime, and in the evenings -  the comfortable warmth of a cozy hotel, the relaxed time in the swimming pool or the quiet hour in a sauna.  Such holidays attract people of any age.
 You should explore the programs offered by the Rus resort including trips to the mountains in Krasnaya Polyana!
 Krasnaya Polyana is a strikingly beautiful kingdom of Her Majesty Nature in the mountains,  600m above sea level, only 40 km from the coast. The breathtaking sights of the eternal snow on the Caucasian summits and the sub alpine vegetation on their slopes surrounding the valley of Krasnaya Polyana touch the heart. This place is often called Russian Switzerland.
 The energizing combination of mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers running into the Black sea makes the glory of this place.
 The quality of snow and the mild temperature of the air attract many amateur and professional skiers to this area.
 There are splendid ski tracks of different degrees of complexity. 5 consequent lines of chair lifts (with chairs for 2 skiers) float in Natures blessed silence.  The difference of heights between the starting and the finishing platforms is 1698m the biggest in Russia, and it accounts for Krasnaya Polyanas rank among the ten top ski resorts of the world. The unique quality of snow guarantees the duration of the skiing season from December through May. Apart from the chair lifts, there is a bougle (winch) ski lift at the level of the third line.
 There are various winter entertainments in store for you: skiing, tobogganing and sledging, snowboarding, riding snowmobiles, paragliding, balloon trips; heli-ski programs (helicopter transfer to the peaks and downhill skiing or snowboarding), ski-tours (hiking and skiing).
 The temperature of air in the mountains drops by 6 degrees with elevation of 1000m. That is why when it is +25 C on the sea coast, it is only + 7C at 3000m above sea level. This specific feature is considered in a unique package From the warm sea to the snowy summits offered by Rus in its menu of luxury holidays in Sochi.  Having spent half a day skiing, you can come back to the sea to swim and bask on the beach in the sun for the rest of your day. Our staff will try their best to make your stay in Sochi rich in impressions and enjoyable in every way.

Welcome to the official web site of the Rus resort, property of the Department of Affairs of the President of the Russian Federation! You will find here anything you need to know about this most prestigious resort in Sochi on the Black Sea coast of South Russia! Thank you for your interest and welcome to our resort any time of the year. This is your guide to a luxury holiday in Sochi and a varied menu of Sochis efficient SPA-programs. Make your dreams come true in the picturesque Rus resort!
The history of Russian resorts started 250 years ago, when Peter the Great having visited European spas, ordered to search for mineral waters in Russia. Soon the Caucasian mineral water springs were explored. Sochi as a spa resort was founded in early XX century. In 1902 the first spa facility was constructed for curative Matsesta baths. In 1909 the first resort hotel Caucasian Riviera opened its doors to the guests who were pleased to discover at their service there: an electro-light-therapy clinic, a spa bath building, a laboratory, a concert hall, a casino, a restaurant, a café and a library. The dynamic development of the climatic and spa resort facilities continued through the dramatic years of political changes in Russia. The new Soviet government declared Sochi a health resort of national importance and one of the priority projects. Since 1933 Sochi became a huge national construction site. Sochis palace-like resort ensembles, theater buildings, stations and viaducts were designed by outstanding architects I. Zholtovsky, A. Shousev, V. Schouko, C. Tchernopiatov and other great artists. Nowadays Sochi is a beautiful modern city with its developed infrastructure, evergreen subtropical parks, advanced hotels and resorts, famous Matsesta spa facilities. Krasnaya Polyana, a settlement in the snow-capped mountains in the suburbs of Sochi, is a popular ski resort and a new resource of active rest and health for Sochis guests. Is there any other place on the globe, apart from Sochi, where one can swim in the sea in the morning and ski in the mountains in the afternoon? If you are a guest at Rus you have unlimited opportunities and options on your program!
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